Private Client and Wealth Management

BurgherGray has extensive experience working with clients to ensure that their hard work to acquire and grow wealth can continue to benefit their desired beneficiaries by coordinating the conditions and means for transfer to the beneficiaries. BurgherGray’s attorneys create tailored asset-management, estate, and business succession plans for individuals, businesses, and families. Our private client attorneys know the rules and regulations governing income, gift, and estate taxation, and work closely with financial advisors to structure plans that protect assets, benefit future generations, and facilitate the support of charitable, educational, and religious institutions.  

Estate Planning

BurgherGray provides comprehensive estate planning for individuals, closely held businesses, and families. A well-conceived estate plan is the only way to protect assets from substantial estate, income, and excise taxes. Our attorneys counsel clients on planning for their long-term well-being and financial security including preparation of the appropriate documents to provide a comprehensive estate plan. Whether you are still accumulating wealth or have a significant estate to leave as your legacy, our private wealth attorneys are experienced in planning for taxes, charitable giving, creditor protection, and the succession of wealth to the next generation.

International Estate Planning

BurgherGray’s private wealth attorneys have extensive experience on planning for U.S. citizens, non-U.S. citizens, and multinational families with assets in more than one country. We provide comprehensive advice on a wide range of issues facing multinational individuals and families, multi-generational families, closely held businesses, foundations, estates, and trusts. We assist clients with complex, cross-border legal and taxation issues where they live, work, and travel, and on all types of transactions.    

Corporate Fiduciary Representation

Fiduciaries undertake duties that require them to conduct themselves with a standard of care, good faith, prudence and loyalty to the beneficiaries of the wills, trusts, or other governing instruments. Fiduciaries appointed as trustees or executors are held to a very high standard of conduct. BurgherGray counsels corporate and individual fiduciaries on a wide variety of matters. BurgherGray is experienced with counseling fiduciaries to handle these issues including dealing with estate and trust beneficiaries, as well as tax planning and the various tax issues that may arise during an estate or trust administration.

Family Office 

BurgherGray’s Family Office team includes experienced attorneys from multidisciplinary practices who serve the many needs of family offices. This includes experience in private equity, hedge funds, mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international tax, trusts and estates, investment management, regulatory, compliance risk management, corporate governance, securities, finance, real estate, employment, and litigation. BurgherGray is committed to preserving and increasing the assets built by families and multigenerational businesses. A well designed planned and maintained family office structure should enhance the value of the family resources, letting the family live well without being burdened by an efficient structure. A well designed family office will allow high net worth families to consolidate management and administration of their personal, business, tax, and charitable plans.   

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