BurgherGray boasts a very well-rounded multi-jurisdictional public finance practice staffed by seasoned practitioners, including its own Section 103 tax lawyer. In a relatively short period of time, BurgherGray has built a formidable public finance practice, establishing a strong reputation as a firm reliably capable of serving in any role in a bond transaction, including as bond counsel, tax counsel, issuer’s counsel, underwriter’s counsel, placement agent’s counsel, disclosure counsel, borrower’s counsel, and purchaser’s counsel. Bolstering our credentials as a recognized industry player, the Firm is listed in The Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace (a/k/a “The Red Book”).

BurgherGray’s public finance practice draws its strength from the breadth and scope of experience of the senior members of the group who bring a very diverse and relatively unique set of experiences and perspectives to our practice. Collectively, our senior public finance attorneys have been able to serve in every capacity in a public finance transaction due to their lengthy and celebrated careers, with an average of nearly forty years’ experience. They come to us after having honed their skills at some of the country’s most prominent public finance law firms, corporations, and governmental agencies. For example, not only has he served for many years as a partner at AmLaw 100 firms, but the head of our public finance practice also served as general counsel for a large state housing finance agency for nearly 8 years and was general counsel to a large multi-national bond insurance company. Over the course of more than three decades practicing in prominent public finance law firms, another of our partners has developed a practice that uniquely combines a Section 103 tax specialty with a more general practice to advise on all aspects of public finance transactions. And still yet, another of our partners has successfully employed his general finance practice experience to inform his public finance practice, thus also bringing a different perspective thereto. Our associates are smart, committed, and eager to learn, providing a great recipe for producing great future leaders. As we actively seek to continue to grow the practice, we will look to identify similarly exceptional talent at all levels to join the team.

In the area of public finance, BurgherGray attorneys have represented many municipal bond issuers, state agencies, cities and city municipal entities, local development corporations, industrial development agencies, investment banks, insurance companies, real estate lenders, investors and borrowers, among others.

State and local governmental entities have turned to the Firm to serve as their counsel in connection with financing an array of complex projects. Our attorneys have served as counsel on projects involving highways, roads, streets, bridges, airports and other infrastructure projects, government buildings, manufacturing facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, housing facilities, mortgage loans, and retirement communities. The Firm’s attorneys have extensive expertise related to public finance matters including, but not limited to, preparation of documents necessary for the authorization of the bonds by a governmental issuer, preparation of related financing documents, and drafting and review of offering documents.

Although the Firm has been around for 17 years, it is only in the past 4-5 years that we have really started to establish ourselves as a law firm with a highly-experienced, well-respected public finance practice. In that short period of time, we have worked with some of the most prolific and high-profile municipal bond issuers in the country, on financings ranging in size from $5,000,000 to $2,000,000,000.

Our senior public finance attorneys are active members of the National Association of Bond Lawyers (NABL) and frequently participate in NABL projects designed to enhance the education and practice of NABL members or influence legislation or regulation applicable to the public finance industry.

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