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Terry A. Taffe


Terry A. Taffe is the Chief Information Officer at BurgherGray LLP.

Taffe is responsible for BurgherGray’s information technology and digital strategy spanning applications, data, cybersecurity, resources, and infrastructure. Which are all a vital part of the firm’s agility and effectiveness.

He is tasked with arming the firm’s clients, attorneys and professional team with the most effective and cutting edge technology while exceeding all security requirements.

His information technology experience is quite extensive having worked in the public and private sector for more than thirty years. Certifications include Microsoft’s MCSE+ and IBM’s EM certifications.

Taffe’s professional development started at IBM where he excelled in the capacity of tech support for the in field technicians. He later tenured at Microsoft where he supported the network and television infrastructure for the MSNBC studios. Subsequently in the capacity of a consultant Taffe designed, implemented, and maintained various network, telecom and enterprise systems management solutions primarily in the federal and banking sectors. Notable among past projects include five years supporting the ground system that manages NOAA’s GOES satellites and serving as a member of the launch team for the GOES-R satellite.

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